About Mubarmij50

Mubarmij50 is an annual initiative provided by Sandooq Al Watan and developed by Aldar Education, organized by EdNex and Maker & Coder. It aims to empower young students to explore the latest technology trends, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and robot construction and deployment, through hands-on experimentation with real programming languages such as Swift and Python. This not only provides a solid foundation in computer science but also helps children develop resilience, think critically, expand their creativity, experiment with mathematics and logical thinking, and build skills that will be in high demand in the future.


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The Mubarmij50 Challenge is a multi-tasking competition program for students in grades 6-8/year 7-9, designed to test their critical thinking, strategic planning, and teamwork skills.

The competition is divided into two stages: the Automatic Stage and the Manual Stage. The Automatic Stage requires students to have pre-programmed their robot before the event and complete as many missions as possible within a 2-minute window, while in the Manual Stage, teams will work together to control their robots using a Bluetooth controller to move balls from one place to another. The scores from both stages will be combined to determine the overall results.

The combination of the Automatic and Manual stages enhances the fun and participation experience of the competition, while the concept of multiple missions and the alliance cooperation design fully exercise the abilities of contestants, as well as improves the ability to communicate and cooperate between alliance teams.

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